Safety & Hygiene

Get the Most from Your Ink and Piercing at Chicago’s Safest Tattoo Studio

The decision to get a tattoo or piercing should not be taken lightly. Because you are displaying art on your body through the use of a needle means that all safety precautions should be taken.

For over 25 years Jade Dragon Tattoo and Body Piercing has made a name for itself as being the biggest, cleanest studio in the Chicago area. Our artists and piercers are not only hired based on their talent and portfolio, but also on their commitment to deliver their art in an extremely hygienic environment.

In an effort to cut corners, some studios will allow artists to use the same ink on numerous clients. While they may mandate sterilization of all equipment, most may not instill a no tolerance policy on unclean instruments.

At Jade Dragon we never take chances with any of our clients. We always use new needles, tubes and ink on each and every customer. In fact, founder “Fat Joe Scapin” invented “toss-a-tube” disposable plastic needle barrel to guarantee the safety of all customers.

Plus we ensure the surrounding environment and equipment is always completely sterile and artists are completely gloved.

We invite you to explore and ask questions about Jade Dragon Tattoo and Body Piercing’s stringent hygiene policy. Call today at 773-736-6960.

Why Customers Continue to Get Their Ink at Jade Dragon

We can tell you about our dedication to performing tattooing and piercing under the safest conditions, but why don’t we let some of our customers tell you more:

This Place is Great…Went to Jade dragon last week after going to deluxe and being told my design was stupid and being flirted with constantly. So I bring my design in and they bring me back to Fred who was my artist. Fred was great! Very funny down to earth person, he sat down with me for about an hour with my sketch to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. The place was very clean, he opened up everything brand new right in front of me and the tattoo turned out great! I will be seeing Fred again very soon.


Hands down the BEST tattoo shop I've been to. Went there for two tattoos already and one piercing. Each time the artists did a great job and tended to my needs (as I became a little light headed during one tat job). The cleanliness alone is worth the cost of the tattoos! I would rather pay extra for a tattoo that will last a lifetime and comes from clean and sterile guns, than pay less and wonder what I am really walking away with. Will definitely go back again in the future and have recommended the place to several people!


Join the revolution and call Jade Dragon Tattoo and Body Piercing at 773-736-6960.

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