Dermal Piercings

Are you ready to make a bold statement about who you are? Dermal piercing has become one of today’s most chic and popular forms of body art for young and old alike. It will provide you with a unique and versatile way of showcasing body jewelry, expressing your individuality, and complementing your appearance. A dermal implant is a simple procedure and will allow you the ability to display trendy, stylish jewelry that is small, decorative, and offers a plethora of placement options. This piercing option makes a permanent perforation in the body’s sub-dermal skin layer. Our talented staff of body artists will thoroughly explain all of your options and will help you select a dermal piercing that most perfectly suits your desires. You can be rest assured that our piercing experts will perform your procedure safely and with precision. Our goal is to make the entire piercing experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible while providing you with body art you will be proud to display for the rest of your life. A dermal piercing penetrates the skin only once and can be applied to just about any part of your body including the lower back, neck, eyes, ears, wrists, face, chest, and fingers. Anchor jewelry, a flat piece of metal that sticks out and holds the piercing in place, is available in titanium and stainless steel. There is a wide variety of jewels to attach to the anchor available and they are easily interchangeable. The beauty they
provide, while subtle, is also quite dazzling.

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